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"It’s my favorite indicator for spooky fish and technical water."
Tom Rosenbauer
Marketing Director for ORVIS
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New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool
Industry Praise Heaped Upon Us


Easy to Make and Remove

Innovative Tool details

This innovative and patented tool system will allow you to easily make and remove strike indicators. In less than 10 seconds you can be fishing. You can adjust the depth of your nymph. If fish start rising you can remove the indicator within a couple seconds.

New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool Animated

Catching Fish With the New Zealand Strike Indicator


Places the Nymph in Strike Zone

Adjust your indicator so that your nymph is presented exactly in the Trout’s Strike Zone. You can also trim your indicator to different sizes to match conditions.


Doesn’t Spook Trout

Wool Indicator Casts Like A Dry Fly and Lands Gently.

Use the optimal color indicator for the conditions

  • Bright Orange - when sighting is a challenge
  • Black - when there’s a glare and the water surface turns silver/gray - amazing how well Black works in these conditions
  • Chartreuse - best when the background is dark or in low-light conditions
  • White - looks like an air bubble

100% Knotless

No Kinks. No Slip. No Kidding.

  • There are no weaknesses or kinks as our system is 100% knotless.
  • Indicator will not slip -- even with a huge fish on the line, aggressive casting or high wind conditions -- yet is easily adjusted by the angler when desired.
  • If the fish start rising, no problem -- just takes a second to remove the indicator so you can start dry fly fishing immediately.

Land that Trophy of a lifetime!

"My Best Tool For Getting Clients Into Fish"

Tom Baltz - 35 Years Professional Guiding! Orvis Endorsed Guide - Pennslyvania, USA

Super Sensitive

Shows Even the Most Subtle Takes

“Hard” indicators don’t show these takes. New Zealand Wool Indicators are super sensitive and detect even the most subtle takes. Trout Spit Out An Artificial Nymph In a Micro Second

50% of all takes are rejected by
the trout, and the angler
never detected the strike!
Wisdom of the Guides
Our "Classic" Products

New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool Kit

This innovative, patented tool is the easiest way to attach wool or yarn indicators to your line. Attach it, trim and adjust to optimal water depth and remove with no kink or damage to leader. Kit includes this unique tool, the world’s best indicator material and the specialized tubing to create the perfect indicator every time.

Ultimate New Zealand Wool in Four Colors

The ultimate material for indicators that floats high, is sensitive to the slightest strike, casts like a dry fly, lands without spooking fish. Trim it to any size needed. Specially sourced and dyed New Zealand wool is available in: Stealthy White, Hi-Vis Orange, Super Bright Florescent Green, and Black. Also available in a Mixed Wool Pack with all four colors.

Perfect Tubing – “Lifetime Supply”

Package includes 3 feet of perfect tubing to make indicators. Made of the highest quality material - it will not slip, yet moves to adjust every time. Sized to “fill” perfectly with ultimate wool indicator material. It is super tough and will not harm or burn your leader. Regular size for small to medium sized nymphs, X-Large for bigger nymphs.

New Zealand Strike Indicator COMBO Pack

COMBO PACK includes all three of our great products: The Strike Indicator Tool Kit, The Mixed Wool Pack of all four colors and 3 feet “Lifetime Supply” of Perfect Tubing. The COMBO PACK is our best seller and qualifies for free shipping.

Our New Products

New Zealand Four Color Wool Yarn Dispenser

Four Color Wool Yarn Dispenser
Our New Zealand Four Color Wool Yarn Dispenser comes pre-loaded with 3 FEET of Lucious Lemon, Radioactive Orange, Pearly White and Fluorescent Green New Zealand Strike Indicator YARN for a total of 12 FEET – ready to fish. The dispenser’s design is easy to use on the stream, easy to store in pocket and easy to add more yarn.

New Zealand Wool Yarn Spools

Wool Yarn Spool
Our New Zealand Wool Yarn is expertly spun to fit the New Zealand Strike Indicator System and then custom dyed with the best strike indicator colors. Use 1 strand for regular size tubing and 2 strands for X-Large size tubing. Each Spool Dispenser holds 3 feet of New Zealand Wool Yarn and is the perfect shape and size for using on the river.

Pre-Cut Sleeves and Vial

Pre-Cut Sleeves and Vial
Our Pre-Cut Sleeves and Vial comes with 200 Precision Pre-Cut 4mm sleeves - enough for many seasons. (That's over 31 inches of tubing sleeves!) The innovative design with with the hole in the vial cap makes adding sleeves quick and easy. The one minute video on the product page provides an expert tutorial.

Deluxe Combo Pack With Pre-Cut Sleeves and Yarn Spools

Deluxe Combo Pack
Our Deluxe Combo Pack with Pre-Cut Sleeves and Yarn Spools provides our most advanced, specialized and convenient products. Our Pre-Cut Sleeves and Vial makes adding new sleeves to the tool quick and easy. Our Yarn Spools are the perfect shape and size for using on the river and contain 3 feet of custom dyed and spun New Zealand Strike Indicator Wool.
Combo Packs

Deluxe Combo Pack With Pre-Cut Sleeves and Yarn Spools

DDeluxe Combo Pack With Pre-Cut Sleeves and Yarn Spools
Pack Includes:
+ free shipping

Deluxe Combo Pack With Pre-Cut Sleeves and Four Color Yarn Dispenser

Deluxe Combo with Yarn Dispenser
Pack Includes:
Best Seller
+ free shipping

Essentials Pack With Dr. Slick Scissors/Forceps, Loon Aquel, Gear Keeper Zinger

Essentials Pack
Pack Includes:
+ free shipping

Trophy Pack

Trophy Pack
Pack Includes:
+ free shipping
Accessories We Recommend

DR. SLICK Scissor/Clamp

These clamps are unparalleled. They trim your indicators perfectly - "nice and neat" and the matte black finish is paramount in keeping your presence stealthy. We like the indicators trimmed neatly as they cast better - show strikes better - float higher. The clamps also work great at mashing the barbs down and for releasing fish.

Gear Keeper
Stainless Zinger

We have been using various zingers for four decades! These are our favorite! Great Design - Solid Materials - Quality Construction - Smooth Feel - 50 Pound Cord Strength - Your choice on how you want to attach - The "Snap Clip" is solid - The "Threaded Stud" will not pop off - Stainless steel components. Professional Grade! Quick Connect Split Ring allows quick and easy tool disconnection.

Offset Nipper

100% fine cutlery stainless. Razor sharp blades. Exceptional quality. Satin Black no-glare finish. Designed to work well when cutting tight to flies and snipping tag ends of tippet without cutting hackles or materials. All nippers are made from 420 J2 Japanese stainless steel.

Loon Outdoors
AQUEL Fly Floatant

This premium fly floatant is the world’s best. AQUEL is long lasting, silicon based and won’t melt when it’s hot or harden when it’s cold. While our New Zealand Wool floats better than any other we've used (including synthetics), it floats longer and higher when treated with AQUEL. This has long been our #1 dry fly floatant - keeps our wool dry and performing at its peak.

Tacky Fly Box
- Day Pack

Tacky Day Pack Fly Box
Small, light, sleek, compact - Clear lid for visible access to flies - Patent pending bi-directional slit insert - Holds up to 180 flies - Latch-less magnetic closure system - Long lasting durability - Durability tested - Extremely durable polycarbonate box - Double sided lanyard hook system - New hinge stop

Tacky Fly Box
- Original

Tacky Fly Box - Original
Patent Pending Slit Silicone storage system anchors the flies unlike anything else - Holds flies tighter - Withstands extremes in temperatures - Light blue color for high contrast - Light, sleek, yet extremely durable polycarbonate box - Clear lid for visible access to flies - Off-set slit design comfortably holds 168 flies - Latch-less magnetic closure system - Long lasting strength - Durability tested

Entomology Course

Entomology Course
This 8-part course provides a comprehensive resource based on decades of experience and research to deliver practical knowledge that helps you identify insects in rivers and lakes, select the right fly, and catch more fish on the fly.

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