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Changed My World
“A must for any serious tailwater or technical water angler. If you are not using this system you are missing subtle strikes and spooking fish with your indicator.”
By Robert Quinian
The tool is good quality and looks like it will last
5 Stars
“I don’t know who thought this up but it is genius. The tool is good quality and looks like it will last. It is simple to use and floats well. A side benefit is the wool works great as a post for dry flies. It really floats well and is easy to work with. I ordered another pack of the wool to use for tying flies.”
Verified Purchase
By Roger O. Bouchard, Jr.
Simple and excellent
5 Stars
“I have been fly fishing 50 years. A lot of worthless junk is sold in this hobby. But this may well be the best product I’ve ever purchased. It does exactly what it says. Read the instructions and watch the video and you will catch more fish. Or maybe just realize your getting a hit that before you did not realize you were getting. Wish I had thought of it.”
Verified Purchase
By I Fly
I love how easy it is to use
5 Stars
"I love how easy it is to use. The wool stays afloat and I can quickly change depths without injuring my leader or tippet."
Verified Purchase
By Mary P. Eul