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Loon Aquel Floatant
Loon Aquel Floatant

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This premium gel floatant is the world’s best fly floatant. Aquel is long lasting, silicon based and won’t melt when it’s hot or harden when it’s cold. Furthermore, it masks human odor and won’t leave any slick on even the calmest water.
Our Price (USD): $5.95

Product Code: F0005C

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After dedicating decades of seasons stalking and fishing for trout, an angler refines his shed (or vest/pack) to just the sharpest tools. Like many others, we have come to depend on the following accessories in our nymphing pursuits. Without having these items on my vest, I feel incomplete and unsettled, as they are not only the best in their respective categories, they also transcend their primary use. These tools also complement the New Zealand Strike Indicator and is why we have decided to offer them to our customers.

Loon Outdoors Aquel® Fly Floatant. While our New Zealand Wool floats better than any other we've used (including synthetics), it floats longer and higher when treated with Aquel. This has long been our #1 dry fly floatant, and it makes sense that it also keeps our wool dry and performing at its peak. Buy a tube and see for yourself.

Dr. Slick's Scissor Clamps. These clamps are unparalleled in this category, and the matte black finish is paramount in keeping your presence stealthy when sneaking around small trout streams. They trim your indicators perfectly - "nice and neat". We like the indicators trimmed neatly as they cast better - show strikes better - float higher. The clamps also work great at mashing the barbs down and for releasing fish. We always fish barbless - never had a problem losing fish and that one time a year when you hook yourself or your fishing partner - the barbless hook slides right out! View this product.

Dr. Slick's Offset Nippers. By now you have probably noticed that we like Dr. Slick's products. The matte black finish reduces glare - (keep your silver watch band at home) - we have seen fish spook when approached by an angler 30 yards away - the angler's silver watch band was glimmering in the sun! Don't under estimate how large and experienced trout know to avoid "flashy" anglers. The more stealthy your approach - the more large fish you will have shots at. Offset Nippers are also our favorite as they are designed to work well when cutting tight to flies and snipping tag ends of tippet without cutting hackles or materials. All nippers are made from 420 J2 Japanese stainless steel. View this product.

Gear Keeper Zingers. We have been using various zingers for four decades! These are the best! Great Design - Solid Materials - Quality Construction - Smooth Feel - 50 Pound Cord Strength - Your choice on how you want to attach - The "Snap Clip" is solid - The "Threaded Stud" will not pop off - . Stainless steel components. Professional Grade! Quick Connect Split Ring allows quick and easy tool disconnection. Use separate zingers for the Indicator Tool, Nippers and Scissors/Clamp. View this product.