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Essentials Pack
Essentials Pack

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Essentials Pack

The Essentials Pack includes the important basics you need for a great fly fishing experience.

This takes you to the water with the best nymphing system and fly floatant as well as the quality tools to make it all happen; so you can concentrate on your fishing and not your gear.

These items are the best in their categories!

I hate to admit it - but I used and struggled on the water for over 20 years with the "wrong" fly floatant, the "wrong" zinger and the "wrong" scissors. Really dumb - I should have known better!

Upgrade and see for yourself - Unbelievable difference when you are using quality and fit for purpose tools. The enjoyment factor goes way up!

Be willing to change up your presentation to meet changing conditions. It's those small 'tweaks" to your presentation - that achieves a natural drift and that makes all the difference in the world! Take a few more seconds to consider how to achieve that perfect presentation and natural drift - adjust the depth - get your fly in the strike zone, trim the indicator to the optimal size - select the best color indicator based upon conditions - wade quietly, make a stealthy presentation, mend if necessary - you will catch lots more fish!

It's almost effortless when using the correct tools to make the perfect color and sized indicator for the perfect stealthy and natural presentation. Give it a try!

The Essentials Pack includes:

  • Pre-Cut Sleeves and Vial
  • Strike Indicator Tool Kit
  • Four Color Wool Yarn Dispenser
  • Dr. Slick Scissors/Clamp - Black- Straight Tip
  • Loon Aquel
  • Gear Keeper Zinger (snap clip)