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New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool Kit
Strike Indicator Tool Kit

Alternative Views:

  • Innovative Design - Brilliant solution
  • Simple but Functional Tool - Makes creating an indicator EASY
  • Quality Materials - We utilize the highest quality materials
  • Convenient - Holds extra tubing sleeves - enough for several full days of fishing
  • Optimal Size - Designed specifically for Fly Fisherman
  • Loop - Attach to a zinger on your vest for most convenient use
  • Hook at End - Even “old guys” can create an indicator without reading glasses - snares leader easily to create indicator
Our Price (USD): $17.95

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Invented and Guide Tested
in New Zealand

New Zealand anglers fish in some of the most difficult conditions on the planet. What better place for design and testing a new strike indicator system that gives you more than one chance for a delicate presentation at the proper depth to hook a trophy trout. From tiny mountain stream to big rivers and lakes, more than 20 New Zealand professional guides tested this system with their customers in all types of weather and water and found it to be a winner. You will, too!


Easy to Make and Remove

This innovative and patented tool system will allow you to make and remove strike indicators from your line with ease. In less than 10 seconds, you can be fishing, and if conditions change, you can adjust (and even remove) the indicator within a couple seconds.

Innovative Tool details

Presentation Matters.
Watch our Short Informational Video for More Details


Places the Nymph in Strike Zone

This innovative system lets you adjust your indicator so that your nymph is presented exactly in the Trout’s Strike Zone. You can also trim your indicator to different sizes to match conditions.
3 sized indicators


Doesn’t Spook Trout

Wool Indicator Casts Like A Dry Fly and Lands Gently.
Use the optimal color indicator for the conditions

  • Bright Orange - when sighting is a challenge
  • Black - when there’s a glare and the water surface turns silver/gray - amazing how well Black works in these conditions.
  • Chartreuse - best when the background is dark or in low-light conditions
  • White - looks like an air bubble

100% Knotless

No Kinks. No Slip. No Kidding.

  • There are no weaknesses or kinks as our system is 100% knotless.
  • Indicator will not slip -- even with a huge fish on the line, aggressive casting or high wind conditions -- yet is easily adjusted by the angler when desired.
  • If the fish start rising, no problem -- just takes a second to remove the indicator so you can strat dry fiy fishing immediately.

Land that Trophy of a lifetime!

Super Sensitive

Shows Even the Most Subtle Takes

New Zealand Yarn Balls

“Hard” indicators don’t show these takes. New Zealand Wool Indicators are super sensitive and detect the even the most subtle takes. Trout Spit Out An Artificial Nymph In a Micro Second

Experts say that 50% of all takes
are rejected by the trout, and the
angler never detected the strike!
No Risk Ordering
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
We promise to do right by our customers always!
Industry Praise
Tom Rosenbauer
"It’s my favorite indicator for spooky fish and technical water."
Tom Rosenbauer
Marketing Director for ORVIS
Fly Rod & Reel magazine’s 2011 Angler of the Year
Author of The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide & nine others
Customer Testimonials
The tool is good quality and looks like it will last
5 Stars
“I don’t know who thought this up but it is genius. The tool is good quality and looks like it will last. It is simple to use and floats well. A side benefit is the wool works great as a post for dry flies. It really floats well and is easy to work with. I ordered another pack of the wool to use for tying flies.”
Verified Purchase
By Roger O. Bouchard, Jr.
on July 19, 2014
Simple and excellent
5 Stars
“I have been fly fishing 50 years. A lot of worthless junk is sold in this hobby. But this may well be the best product I’ve ever purchased. It does exactly what it says. Read the instructions and watch the video and you will catch more fish. Or maybe just realize your getting a hit that before you did not realize you were getting. Wish I had thought of it.”
Verified Purchase
By I Fly
on May 30, 2015
I love how easy it is to use
5 Stars
"I love how easy it is to use. The wool stays afloat and i can quickly change depths without injuring my leader or tippet."
Verified Purchase
By Mary P Eul
on October 15, 2014