Make the Perfect Presentation with the
New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool

  • Improves Your Presentation – Catch more fish!
  • Won’t Damage your Leader – Significant savings
  • Totally Adjustable – Present your nymph in the "Strike Zone"
  • Knotless – Doesn't weaken the line; Don't lose that trophy
  • Pleasure to Cast – Light and natural; Casts like a dry fly
  • Won't Move – Unless you adjust it on the leader
  • Perfect Sized Indicator – Trim indicator to match exact conditions

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New Zealand Wool
The Ultimate Strike Indicator Material

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Check Out These Customer Reviews

Sensitive! By: Troutman
from Denver, Colorado
"Wow - I never knew how many fish I was missing! Well done!"

Works! By: 941Flyfisher
from Seattle, Washington
"This product works as advertised. Simple to install and simple to adjust."

Best Indicator Available! By: PhilaFly
from Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
"Great indicator for spooky fish in pressured water. You can make the indicator as large or small as needed. Casts like a dream!"

Subtle! By: MD3000
from Atlanta, Georgia
"These indicators are super easy to attach and adjust and hardly disturb the surface at all... Much quieter and subtle than the plastic type indicators but still very buoyant!"

Speed and Versitility By:FishingNZ
from Otago, New Zealand
"Fast changing size, color and depth of indicator. Leaves no crimp in you leader when moved."

Remarkable Innovation By: BlueRidgeChairman
from Asheville North Carolina
"I have been fishing in the mountain streams of Western North Carolina for many years and have tried every kind of strike indicator out there. I have been using the New Zealand Strike Indicator for the last few months and have been blown away. This is in a league of it’s own. This innovative design idea solves all the problems that all others have. This devise is easy to use, easy to move, does not kink the leader, reusable, amazingly smooth to cast. It barely feels like you are casting a strike indicator. Well done product!"

Best Indicator System I Have Ever Used By: flygt40
from Valencia, California
"This indicator system is easy to use. easy to adjust depth, and the very soft landing makes for a great presentation."

Great Purchase By: Roneal3
from Townsend, Tennessee
"This product helps me tremendously in the great smoky mountains. Being able to change depths quickly in pocket water is essential. Great product and it doesn't slide on the leader while you cast. Fantastic."

Works Great By: freewill
from San Juan River, New Mexico
"I'm very fortunate to have the San Juan river as my home waters. So that's where I test a lot of new product. And this New Zealand wool is amazing because it detects the softest strike from picky San Juan river trout. Awesome I love it and won't go back to anything else."

The Kiwi’s Have It Dialed By: Jaybar
from Portland, Oregon
"This indicator setup is the raddest system I've fished. Thingamabobbers, Palsa tabs, foam, and even other wool and adjustable slip knots are no match for these."

Best Strike Indicator Ever By: Furance
from Milton New York
"Indicator is easy to put on leader, Highly visible, easy to adjust for depth, and it can be taken off without any damage to leader."

New Zealand Strike Indicator Ultimate Wool Strike Indicator Tool Kit New Zealand Strike Indicator COMBO Pack
Ultimate New Zealand Wool
Our Price (USD): $7.95